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Boruto Episode 21 Subbed
Sasuke and Sarada
Boruto Episode 20 Subbed
The Boy with the Sharingan
Boruto Episode 18 Subbed
A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family
Boruto Episode 16 Subbed
Crisis: The Threat of Failing!
Boruto Episode 14 Subbed
The Path That Boruto Can See
Boruto Episode 13 Subbed
The Demon Beast Appears!
Boruto Episode 12 Subbed
Boruto and Mitsuki
Boruto Episode 11 Subbed
The Shadow of The Mastermind
Boruto Episode 10 Subbed
The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!
Boruto Episode 9 Subbed
Proof of Oneself
Boruto Episode 8 Subbed
The Dream's Revelation
Boruto Episode 7 Subbed
Love and Potato Chips!
Boruto Episode 6 Subbed
The Final Lesson
Boruto Episode 5 Subbed
The Mysterious Transfer Student!
Boruto Episode 4 Subbed
A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!
Boruto Episode 3 Subbed
Metal Lee Goes Wild!
Boruto Episode 2 Subbed
The Hokage's Son!

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